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Flowers in the Dark

by Lauri Ensel

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In the Second World War, the Netherlands were plunged into times of unparalleled darkness. Hitler had promised not to invade the Netherlands, but he lied.

On a beautiful spring day in 1940, the boots of Nazi soldiers trample the green fields of Holland in an attempt to use the Netherlands as a beachhead to reach England.

Klaas, a young medical student, can no longer stand idly by. He sees how the Germans are persecuting the Jews and oppress the Dutch with brutal force and he joins the resistance. Nothing in his life as a medical student had prepared him for the life of danger surrounded by ruthless Nazis and Dutch traitors. But God is still there. Although Klaas is not so sure if he still believes in the God of love that he learned about as a child on the knee of his mother. Because of his work in the resistance, he has to flee his hometown and has to go into hiding under a false name. Embittered by the seeming injustice of life, his faith in God now gets severely tested.

But then there is Fanny.

Beautiful, gentle Fanny is the daughter of a bearded old gentleman whose house serves as a hiding place for Jewish refugees. Fanny too has had to make many sacrifices, but she refuses to doubt the goodness of God.

Flowers in the Dark is an adventurous audiobook about love and hope in the midst of sorrow. But most of all, it is a testimony to the everlasting faithfulness of God.




















Flowers in the Dark Lauri Ensel

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Flowers in the Dark




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